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Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Craig Engineering Total Access Systems Ltd. are approved distributors, installers and maintainers of DBI Sala and Protecta fall protection systems, supplied by 3M (previously Capital Safety). 3M is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection products and height safety systems.

The Cabloc Pro vertical fall protection system provides a highly functional, robust and cost effective solution. Its unique design features ensure the user remains as close to the structure as practically possible during climbing, which in the event of a fall, ensures that only a very short distance of travel occurs before the system arrests the fall. This reduces the forces on the user and the structure and decreases the risk of injury from collisions, therefore reducing the potential need for emergency rescue.

The Cabloc Pro system has been designed to be cost effective without compromising quality or safety. This makes it especially attractive for operators of large utilities networks such as telecoms, electricity and wind farm operators. The system is equally suitable for industrial safety applications such as safe climbing of vertical ladders, to access roofs, chimney stacks, silos, lighting columns, ships masts, tower cranes, bridges and many more.

Also available with Cabloc Pro system is an optional ladder extension bracket to enable safe access and egress at roof level, a problem which can often be overlooked when a ladder is manufactured and fitted with a safety system.

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