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Free Standing Counterbalance Guardrail Systems

Free standing guardrail systems are usually the most cost effective solution for providing guardrail roof edge protection. The system rests directly on the roofing system, and is held in place under its own weight by utilising counterbalance weight inboard of the guardrail. With no penetration or damage to the roof, the freestanding system is fully modular, resulting in a quick install, and can be used on virtually any flat roof or gradient up to 10 degrees.

Craig Engineering Total Access Systems Ltd. are approved installers of both galvanized steel and aluminium free standing guardrail systems. Both our weighted guardrail systems offered are designed in accordance with BS EN 13374:2013 as a Class A protection system.

The most cost effective solution is the galvanized steel freestanding guardrail system, but if aesthetics are of concern, then the aluminium Versirail weighted guardrail system can be offered with four options of profile: straight, curved, inclined and folding.

Craig Engineering’s experience and expertise in the field of bespoke access engineering projects, working at height and combined with the two proprietary guardrail systems; has proven to provide a service in this field of fall protection that is second to none.

Bespoke Folding Guardrail Systems

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide clients with bespoke engineered folding guardrail solutions, specifically designed for the application and environment. Our bespoke folding guardrails are particularly suitable on projects where planning restrictions dictate that the guardrail cannot be visible when not in use, but must provide the required level of safety once erected.

Craig Engineering have provided bespoke folding guardrail systems on a number of high profile listed buildings such as British Museum (Grade 1 listed building) and Leeds Victorian Print Works (Grade 2 listed building), each with their own unique challenges. We work closely with client and architect to develop their access strategy, ensuring our proposal is the optimum balance of safety and aesthetics for their needs.

Our bespoke folding guardrail systems are designed and manufactured in-house to the highest standards of quality.

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