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Fixed Access Ladders

Our vertical access ladder systems, sometimes referred to as cat ladders or hooped ladders, are a high quality product which can be supplied in galvanized steel or structural grade aluminium. Our in-house engineers can design bespoke ladder systems for any application, such as folding or collapsible ladders for hiding from visible view. We have created and installed a number of bespoke ladder systems for high profile clients and on Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, whereby a standard fixed ladder would not be acceptable. Our ladders can be fitted with vertical fall arrest systems, in addition to or in lieu of safety cages or hooped ladders. 

Companion Ladders and Stair Systems

In addition to our vertical ladder systems, we also offer industrial staircases and pitched companion ladders, with the latter often referred to as a ships access ladder, both offered in galvanized steel and aluminium. Staircases can be designed for any interface detail of a building or to any load capacity, specifically designed to the clients requirements including a PPC finish to your colour of choice if required.

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